Target Function


My translation is very much target orientated. The sole purpose for my transltion is to make people aware of this phenomena that is taking place in Latino America. In Ireland, we do not hear anything about this crisis. Everything I learnt about the feminicides, I learnt from translating the papers. I think that people would be interested in reading about the catastrophe that is, women being killed on the sole purpose for being women. Maybe if we could raise awareness about this, then maybe it would help the battle to stop the murders. My translation is aimed at adults more than teenagers or children, because obviously, these stories are sometimes hard to take in, and they can be violent. I think adults ranging from 25 years and up would be interested in reading these stories. For example, this is a sample of a user profile that I did in preparation for my translation:


Name: Andy Murray

Age:    35

Profession:  works in a high-end business for example, Microsoft or google

Education:   university degree

Family:   Wife and 2 kids

Hobbies:   reading the newspaper – online on the way to work / Spending time   with his family and kids / golfing / after work drink with his friends

Work Experience:  Over 10 years in business

Personality:  serious / not very outspoken but at the same time social

Why do they need? How will they use your translation:   To find out what is happening in a different part of the world to them. To be aware in case it affects him in the future. He likes to be kept informed about different things. To become more aware of the crisis that is taking place Latin America. To be kept up to date with global news.