Why I chose this topic

I chose to translate three different newspaper articles (two from Mexico and one from Spain) about the femicides that are taking place in Mexico with particular focus on the city of Juárez.

Choosing this topic was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make because ever since I started learning Spanish in university, I have always had an interest in Latino America, especially Mexico. Last year, in second year, I learnt about the human rights in Mexico and the daily struggles people faced along the Mexican border – The border dividing the United States and Mexico. I loved this module and I thought it was interesting. The topic of the Mexican border came up in my theatre class in the play “llegala” by Virginia Hernández. In the play we meet a woman who has no legal documents, who was trying to cross the border. She tells the reader about the daily struggle and the hardship that people face in trying to cross the border. We also discussed human rights in my “Cinema and identity in Spain and Latin America” class. So, I think that the human rights and the struggles people face on a day to day basis in Latin America has always been in the back of my mind. I always wanted to find out more about this topic, so this was my chance to do that. I began by searching about feminicides online. I found many articules about this topic already written in English. After a little more digging I found the news articules that I was going to translate.


Originally, I was planning on picking three newspapers from Mexico. While researching I noticed that one of the papers that I had chosen was from Spain. I decided to include this as one of my papers to translate because this article gives a different perspective. The two papers from Mexico give great detail about the facts and figures about the femicides, however, the Spanish one I feel is more empowering towards women. It talks about workshops for women in order for them to gain self-esteem, to learn how to value themselves and how to make decisions without depending on another person.

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